Together with a group of artists, makers and designers I will participate in How do we save time where we will explore and reflect on current and changing perceptions of time.

During the residency I will be researching the possibility of an alternative model using a perspective on technology that is not driven by efficiency and with a different use of time that is closer to natural processes and human experiences of time.

A sound recording of my installation the Monads will be part of Audio DH – sonic manifestations from 250 creators from The Hague, initiated by Francisco Lopez.



The Monads at Kunstschouw – Pannekoekenmolen, Burgh-Haamstede
In addition, I will be showing some light studies that I developed at DordtYart last year.

These consist of (found) photographs, prints and collages.
Also, I’ve been nominated for the Kunstschouw award for young artists!


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