For the virtual group exhibition of confined spaces I made a contribution with a 360 photo, soundscape and text reflecting on confinement. In this born-digital gallery, the visitor is invited into our homes within its current production site.

Participants are matched with a donation for Habitat Humanity, to those who don’t have a safe shelter.
The project is initiated by Batlabat, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Jonas Ersland, Post Neon and Arvid&Marie, presented with TAC Eindhoven and Art+Technology Society.

For the Soundhouse Project I shared an hour of my day with an audio contribution. An online project initiated by Nico Parlevliet that collects the sounds of artists and their practices during 24 hours where each artist is assigned a particular hour.

I recorded the acoustic environment in my house from 23:00 – 00.00 where you hear a mix of sounds coming from both the inside of my room window as well outside: trams, birds, sirens, AM radio waves, walking and rumbling in the house.

If/Then at Highlight, a festival using the innovative city Delft as its platform to present installations on the nexus of Art and Technology. Walk along a route and discover over 15 unique locations through the center of Delft and the TU Delft Campus.

For the upcoming edition of TodaysArt I will present a new version of my installation If/Then in collaboration with the Crossing Parallels program. At the Science Centre / TU Delft I developed a system for two wave machines with hydrogen bubbles that serve as minuscule lenses in the water where light can reflect onto.

The work proposes a fluid interpretation on algorithmic software architecture by speculating on the quantum scale realm.

An interview with TodaysArt and their partner Asahi who came to visit me in Delft can be read here.

A Filmregistration of the work in progress at the Science Centre and at the exhibition can be watched here.

For the upcoming Bellamy Kabinet exhibition Respons I made the new site specific installation Symbiotic Spaces for three window vitrines that reacts to sensory impulses of the Bellamy neighborhood in Amsterdam.

The work is inspired by air currents of the wind and how they are defined by the surrounding architecture. A series of tactile kinetic objects build a bridge between the natural and built environment through the different rhythms of breathing, sleeping and swinging.

I am pleased to announce the premiere of my new installation If/Then at FIBER Weekends.

If/Then explores the non-human systems of time that we interact with every day. Inspired by quantum mechanics theory and code architecture functions, the installation seeks to reimagine a fundamental conditional statement ‘If/Then’ by implementing a natural, fluid element- water – in its execution process.

Recap video of the event:

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