Red Horizon

2014 – 2017

Red Horizon creates a swarm of light and sound; a combination of chaos and precision, appearance and intention. When viewing for a longer period, lucid afterimages reveal themselves; new forms and drawings appear arbitrarily on the retina and are painted by the brain. The entities seem to originate from a night-like reality.

The kinetic/light/sound installation consists of 15 meticulously controlled double pendulums that form a field of visual and sonic particles in a three dimensional space.

Each arm of the pendulum contains a white light and a small speaker that moves along the unpredictability of the mechanism. The emergence of complex behavior – a phenomenon that occurs in for example a swarm of individuals which, through simple rules, display complex behavior, patterns and intelligence as a whole – is taken as a starting point.

The installation is a customised system that integrates this principle in the spatialisation of the sound, the development in time and the mechanism of the double pendulums.

Red Horizon was created in close collaboration with software artist Marcus Graf. It is a co- production of TodaysArt (the Hague) and Museum of Transitory Art (MoTA, Ljubljana).

With the kind support of Stroom Den Haag and Creative Industries Fund NL.
Special thanks to: Bram Vreven, Willem Marijs, Erfan Abdi, Mischa Daams, Nicolo Merendino, Julien Grossmann, Chris Meighan

Photos: Marleen Sleeuwits / Maurice Tjon a Tham

Camera & Effects: Tanja Busking
Edit: Gabey Tjon a Tham