In April-May I will be away for a residency at MoTA (Museum of Transitory Arts) in Ljubljana to work on some prototypes for a new installation. I will present my findings during a presentation on Monday 19th of May at 19.00.

These experiments are part of a wider research about the emergence of group and complex behavior. How can the group transcend the individual and how does it takes effect in space and time? What does the audience experiences? Do new meanings arise? In this way I would like to explore new possibilities of expressions in light, sound and movement.

I will continue developing these prototypes towards a first version of an installation that will premiere at the TodaysArt festival 2014 in September.

In the meantime you can follow the process on my blog


On the 12th of December I will be showing an earlier version of my installation ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ at Steim’s Winter party. It consists of five short pieces for three light wires that explore various connections between light, sound, movement and associations; as individuals and as a group.

photo: Ed Jansen

During ‘Here we live and now’ in Korzo, The Hague, you can also look through the book that I made during the creative process of making the stage design for ‘Le jeune homme et la mort’. It contains elements, texts and inspiration that re-occurred during our meetings. They explore thoughts on transitions, transcendental and temporary spaces.


For the past months I’ve been working on the stage design together with MC Dance Meyer-Chaffaud for their new piece‘Le jeune homme et la mort’. We just finished our three days of montage and looking forward to the premiere on the 18th of October. For touring dates see website Dansclick and Here we live and now.


Next stop will be GLOW in Eindhoven. ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ will be located at the Klokgebouw, which is part of the GLOW-S program.