I am pleased to announce the premiere of my new installation If/Then at FIBER Weekends.

If/Then explores the non-human systems of time that we interact with every day. Inspired by quantum mechanics theory and code architecture functions, the installation seeks to reimagine a fundamental conditional statement ‘If/Then’ by implementing a natural, fluid element- water – in its execution process.

Recap video of the event: https://vimeo.com/307687320

For my upcoming installation If/Then at FIBER Weekends I’ve been developing a series of prototypes at the Science Centre / TU Delft within the Crossing Parallels program. The experiments investigate different wave, vibration, drop and flow patterns of water. Starting point was to use the behaviour of water drops as a possible physical form for bits, pixels or fundamental computational processes.

A prototype and graphic score is part of the Crossing parallels exhibition until 25 November. The exhibition will open on 17 November with the Context program Interactive Environments.