Flowing Grounds | Stockholm
Tracing a Sensory Map

New site specific installation in a sea container that has seen 7 seas for 40 years. I transformed the container into a migration vessel where the audience experiences the journey of Stockholm’s main water way from the lake Malaren to the Baltic Sea in a day/night cycle. A virtual water lock that follows a non-linear path through different layers of time that connects the city’s temporary urban spaces with its natural and technological processes.

Curated by Sona Stepanyan

In Episode #4 of the new podcast serie by Small Museum / Paradiso Amsterdam I’m interviewed by Rosa Cherim where we take you on an imaginary night walk along different places related to the night.

The journey includes some highlighted projects, dream works, my fascination for finding the natural in the technological and experiences that shaped my development as an artist.

During my residency at Bibliotek-a I will research how I can create audiovisual sensory experiences that reflect on urban landscapes that are in constant transformation. I depart from the framework of my project Symbiotic Spaces: initially a site-specific installation for the Bellamy Neighbourhood in Amsterdam, an environment that was constantly changing due to renovation and construction work.

These ideas extend to the Stockholm region, particularly to the areas of Frihamnen, Vartahamnen, Norra Djurgårdstaden, Loudden and Hjorthagen, that are undergoing a similar transformation on a larger scale: a living entity where landscapes shift in time and space due to gentrification, rapid city growth and development, while its cultural legacy is given to artists to operate. These areas provide a collection of different conscious and unconscious stimuli, memory and reactions to the various life forms that inhabit them.

The result of the residency and artistic research will be a small work-in-progress exhibition reflecting on the history and the future of these environments through a study of the dynamics between the natural and the urban, the human and the non-human.

Curated by Sona Stepanyan

With the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and the Mondriaan Foundation

For the past months I’ve been working on a synthesizer for children to interact with a complex system through sound and image in collaboration with Max Frimout. The work is commissioned by Cinekid and MU Hybrid Arthouse and will have its premiere at the Cinekid Festival !

Maarten Buser wrote a beautiful article about my works in de Lage Landen magazine! We had an extensive conversation about my development over the past 10 years and my upcoming virtual work for Tetem .
How a pinhole photo can lead to augmented experiences and how the immaterial and material, natural and artificial always have played a role in creating layered realities.
The English version of the interview can be read here