Participating in the conference Re-compose / composing new media at the Haute école de musique Genève (HEM)

If/Then at the Bodies of Water exhibition at KIKK Festival in Namur

Red Horizon at the Superluminal exhibition of the Light Art Museum in Budapest.

))))) repetition at my distance at Blooming Festival in Pergola. Curated by Quiet Ensemble

Red Horizon at the Wonderkamer exhibition, curated by Zalan Zsakacs as part of the Zsolnay Light Festival in Pécs

Flowing Grounds | Stockholm
Tracing a Sensory Map

New site specific installation in a sea container that has seen 7 seas for 40 years. I transformed the container into a migration vessel where the audience experiences the journey of Stockholm’s main water way from the lake Malaren to the Baltic Sea in a day/night cycle. A virtual water lock that follows a non-linear path through different layers of time that connects the city’s temporary urban spaces with its natural and technological processes.

Curated by Sona Stepanyan

In Episode #4 of the new podcast serie by Small Museum / Paradiso Amsterdam I’m interviewed by Rosa Cherim where we take you on an imaginary night walk along different places related to the night.

The journey includes some highlighted projects, dream works, my fascination for finding the natural in the technological and experiences that shaped my development as an artist.

During my residency at Bibliotek-a I will research how I can create audiovisual sensory experiences that reflect on urban landscapes that are in constant transformation. I depart from the framework of my project Symbiotic Spaces: initially a site-specific installation for the Bellamy Neighbourhood in Amsterdam, an environment that was constantly changing due to renovation and construction work.

These ideas extend to the Stockholm region, particularly to the areas of Frihamnen, Vartahamnen, Norra Djurgårdstaden, Loudden and Hjorthagen, that are undergoing a similar transformation on a larger scale: a living entity where landscapes shift in time and space due to gentrification, rapid city growth and development, while its cultural legacy is given to artists to operate. These areas provide a collection of different conscious and unconscious stimuli, memory and reactions to the various life forms that inhabit them.

The result of the residency and artistic research will be a small work-in-progress exhibition reflecting on the history and the future of these environments through a study of the dynamics between the natural and the urban, the human and the non-human.

Curated by Sona Stepanyan

With the generous support of Stroom Den Haag and the Mondriaan Foundation

For the past months I’ve been working on a synthesizer for children to interact with a complex system through sound and image in collaboration with Max Frimout. The work is commissioned by Cinekid and MU Hybrid Arthouse and will have its premiere at the Cinekid Festival !

Maarten Buser wrote a beautiful article about my works in de Lage Landen magazine! We had an extensive conversation about my development over the past 10 years and my upcoming virtual work for Tetem .
How a pinhole photo can lead to augmented experiences and how the immaterial and material, natural and artificial always have played a role in creating layered realities.
The English version of the interview can be read here


Panel discussion about the Material and Immaterial Aspects of Sound together with Mint Park and Sebastien Robert. The event is part of the ArtScience Manic Saturdays at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.

Luuk Heezen interviewed me in my studio for the podcast Kunst is Lang from Mister Motley Magazine. We discussed past, present and future works. Including a sneak peak of the new Augmented Reality project I’m developing with Tetem. Explorations on physical virtual spaces, fluid systems and the question: how natural is nature?


For the virtual group exhibition of confined spaces I made a contribution with a 360 photo, soundscape and text reflecting on confinement. In this born-digital gallery, the visitor is invited into our homes within its current production site.

Participants are matched with a donation for Habitat Humanity, to those who don’t have a safe shelter.
The project is initiated by Batlabat, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Jonas Ersland, Post Neon and Arvid&Marie, presented with TAC Eindhoven and Art+Technology Society.

For the Soundhouse Project I shared an hour of my day with an audio contribution. An online project initiated by Nico Parlevliet that collects the sounds of artists and their practices during 24 hours where each artist is assigned a particular hour.

I recorded the acoustic environment in my house from 23:00 – 00.00 where you hear a mix of sounds coming from both the inside of my room window as well outside: trams, birds, sirens, AM radio waves, walking and rumbling in the house.

If/Then at Highlight, a festival using the innovative city Delft as its platform to present installations on the nexus of Art and Technology. Walk along a route and discover over 15 unique locations through the center of Delft and the TU Delft Campus.

Solo exhibition presenting Red Horizon and the Monads with prototypes and research material of the two installations.

For the upcoming edition of TodaysArt I will present a new version of my installation If/Then in collaboration with the Crossing Parallels program. At the Science Centre / TU Delft I developed a system for two wave machines with hydrogen bubbles that serve as minuscule lenses in the water where light can reflect onto.

The work proposes a fluid interpretation on algorithmic software architecture by speculating on the quantum scale realm.

An interview with TodaysArt and their partner Asahi who came to visit me in Delft can be read here.

A Filmregistration of the work in progress at the Science Centre and at the exhibition can be watched here.

Excited to present a younger iteration of my installation ))))) repetition at my distance for the first time in Mongolia at the Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival with TodaysArt!

For the upcoming Bellamy Kabinet exhibition Respons I made the new site specific installation Symbiotic Spaces for three window vitrines that reacts to sensory impulses of the Bellamy neighborhood in Amsterdam.

The work is inspired by air currents of the wind and how they are defined by the surrounding architecture. A series of tactile kinetic objects build a bridge between the natural and built environment through the different rhythms of breathing, sleeping and swinging.

I am pleased to announce the premiere of my new installation If/Then at FIBER Weekends.

If/Then explores the non-human systems of time that we interact with every day. Inspired by quantum mechanics theory and code architecture functions, the installation seeks to reimagine a fundamental conditional statement ‘If/Then’ by implementing a natural, fluid element- water – in its execution process.

Recap video of the event:

For my upcoming installation If/Then at FIBER Weekends I’ve been developing a series of prototypes at the Science Centre / TU Delft within the Crossing Parallels program. The experiments investigate different wave, vibration, drop and flow patterns of water. Starting point was to use the behaviour of water drops as a possible physical form for bits, pixels or fundamental computational processes.

A prototype and graphic score is part of the Crossing parallels exhibition until 25 November. The exhibition will open on 17 November with the Context program Interactive Environments.

Red Horizon at Sensorium Festival in Pisztory Palace in Bratislava.

Also, on 5 May from 1645-1715, Inken Bornholdt from TodaysArt will lead the artist talk with me as part of the conference.

A preliminary version of ))))) repetition at my distance with three wire units for which I have written five short compositions at WORM during Tec Art 2018 / Art Rotterdam week.

Red Horizon at the group exhibition Another Dimension at Nest, which runs in parallel with Zoro Feigl’s solo Infinity who also curated the show at Nest.

Nest TV:

Article Metropolis M:

Article Mister Motley:

I’m invited to join the panel discussion as part of the lecture of Media theorist Mark Deuze’s new book Leven in Media at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Thoughts on how to create and consume media more consciously and thereby creating better stories about ourselves and the world around us.

The Monads will be part of the exhibition Scapes during Sonica 2017 in Ljubljana

))))) repetition at my distance at Gogbot in Coberco Melkhal in Enschede

Happy to announce the presentation of my solo exhibition with ))))) repetition at my distance and Red Horizon at Stereolux in Nantes. In partnership with FIBER and made possible by the Dutch Embassy and Creative Industries Fund NL.

Video with behind the scenes of the building up, interview and the work:


Vide ton Sac with sources of inspiration, favorite books, music, movies:


Red Horizon at Mirage Festival in Lyon, co-presented by Fiber.
Also I will be joining the panel Performing Sculptures, about creating and composing kinetic and algorithmic sculptures, at the Mirage Open Creative Forum on March 11.

The Monads at Tec Art during Art Rotterdam week in Rotterdam.

Article about my research and work in progress:

Together with a group of artists, makers and designers I will participate in How do we save time where we will explore and reflect on current and changing perceptions of time.

During the residency I will be researching the possibility of an alternative model using a perspective on technology that is not driven by efficiency and with a different use of time that is closer to natural processes and human experiences of time.

))))) repetition at my distance at KIKK Festival – Namur

For the exhibition In No Particular Order I will be presenting a new version of The Monads.

Also you can listen to a sequence of collective conversations from the participants where we reflect on topics and issues concerning our day-to-day practice.

A sound recording of my installation the Monads will be part of Audio DH – sonic manifestations from 250 creators from The Hague, initiated by Francisco Lopez.



The Monads at Kunstschouw – Pannekoekenmolen, Burgh-Haamstede
In addition, I will be showing some light studies that I developed at DordtYart last year.

These consist of (found) photographs, prints and collages.
Also, I’ve been nominated for the Kunstschouw award for young artists!


Together with a group of artists and scientists I’m working on the jumping power plant project where I research the artistic possibilities of generating light with alternative sources of energy. For the upcoming Hope Step Japan! event we will present a prototype that lights up a mini version of a galaxy by jumping. Also, we will demonstrate a variety of different generating methods and you can actually try this out for yourself!


4 – 31 January 2016

Open studio:
12/13/14/16/17 January
19/20/21/24 January
26/27/28 January from 12.00 – 16.00


From July until September I will be doing a residency at Dordtyart where I continue my research on complex systems and chaotic processes. Also I’m curious how daylight will influence my work.

In the meantime you can follow my process on my blog:

Within the context of the Ondertussen presentation Sukebeningen, Nishiko and me will give an insight in our ideas and working process of Glinting honey in the dark, a feather tickling on my back, an installation that we created last year at Quartair Contemporary Arts, Initiatives in the Hague.
In the Ondertussen space we show a selection of used objects, material and sounds. In addition we present a video documentation of the original installation.

Red Horizon at Sonica 2014 in Ljubljana.


Off to Japan! ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ will have its Asian debut at TodaysArt Japan edition ZERO at Warehouse Terrada Tennoz in Tokyo.

After traveling around for two years ))))) repetition at my distance will return to the Hague again to be part of the Voyage Fantastique tour organized by Shoot me. An inspiring journey that takes you through the Hague’s every day secrets augmented by film, music and theater.

I’m very happy to announce the premiere of my new installation Red Horizon at TodaysArt festival in the Hague.

An installation by: Nishi Ko, Gabey Tjon a Tham & Sukebeningen

In April-May I will be away for a residency at MoTA (Museum of Transitory Arts) in Ljubljana to work on some prototypes for a new installation. I will present my findings during a presentation on Monday 19th of May at 19.00.

These experiments are part of a wider research about the emergence of group and complex behavior. How can the group transcend the individual and how does it takes effect in space and time? What does the audience experiences? Do new meanings arise? In this way I would like to explore new possibilities of expressions in light, sound and movement.

I will continue developing these prototypes towards a first version of an installation that will premiere at the TodaysArt festival 2014 in September.

In the meantime you can follow the process on my blog



The exhibition Lucida Space has been featured on Москва24 TV including a small interview with me.


On the 12th of December I will be showing an earlier version of my installation ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ at Steim’s Winter party. It consists of five short pieces for three light wires that explore various connections between light, sound, movement and associations; as individuals and as a group.

photo: Ed Jansen

During ‘Here we live and now’ in Korzo, The Hague, you can also look through the book that I made during the creative process of making the stage design for ‘Le jeune homme et la mort’. It contains elements, texts and inspiration that re-occurred during our meetings. They explore thoughts on transitions, transcendental and temporary spaces.


For the past months I’ve been working on the stage design together with MC Dance Meyer-Chaffaud for their new piece‘Le jeune homme et la mort’. We just finished our three days of montage and looking forward to the premiere on the 18th of October. For touring dates see website Dansclick and Here we live and now.


‘))))) repetition at my distance‘ will join an immersive exhibition in ‘La Halle Grenette’ together with the works of Joshua Kirsch, David Letellier and Mathieu Rivier.


From 27th until – 30th of November ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ will be shown at the Kino Šiška during the Sonica festival in Ljubljana. In the evening of the 29th I will also be doing a presentation at the Symposium.

Next stop will be GLOW in Eindhoven. ‘))))) repetition at my distance’ will be located at the Klokgebouw, which is part of the GLOW-S program.

‘)))))) repetition at my distance’ in a 12m. long sea container at Oddstream festival in Nijmegen.

‘))))) repetition at my distance’ will be away to the ‘Elektriciteitscentrale’ in the Hague from September 19th and will be back in Amsterdam on the 26th for the last week of Fiber at NIMk