Glinting honey in the dark, a feather tickling on my back

Installation: Found objects, dc motors, leds, 8 channel audio, raspberry pi
Nishiko, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Sukebeningen
2014 – Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague

The Project Sukebeningen presents Japanese eroticism, inspired by the Dutch beach Scheveningen, as a form of collaborative works with invited artists. Its objective is to explore sensuality and to accommodate different views on eroticism each invited artist possesses.

Upon invitation by – and in collaboration with – Sukebeningen, Nishiko and I developed the work Glinting honey in the dark, a feather tickling on my back. In a darkened environmnent we created a space-filling sensory installation creating a subtle and sensual experience for the visitor by using found objects and controlled kinetics.

We gathered and examined behaviors, phenomena and sonic activities which are sensually suggestive without their relying on cultural codes. By doing so we explored the material’s possibility of suggesting intimate human gestures or expressions – they caress, shudder, whisper, tickle, hesitate, grope and dance – perhaps symptoms of persistent human desire. The installation as a whole seeks to generate a subtle yet organic erotic feeling.

With the kind support of Stroom, Den Haag

Fotos: Maurice Tjon a Tham, Ed Jansen
Video: Nishiko
Special thanks: Haruka Yamada