Red Horizon

creates a swarm of light and sound; a combination of chaos and precision, appearance and intention. When viewing for a longer period, lucid afterimages reveal themselves; new forms and drawings appear arbitrarily on the retina and are painted by the brain. The entities seem to originate from a night-like reality.

The kinetic/light/sound installation consists of 15 meticulously controlled double pendulums that form a field of visual and sonic particles in a three dimensional space.

Each arm of the pendulum contains a white light and a small speaker that moves along the unpredictability of the mechanism. The emergence of complex behavior – a phenomenon that occurs in for example a swarm of individuals which, through simple rules, display complex behavior, patterns and intelligence as a whole – is taken as a starting point.

The installation is a customised system that integrates this principle in the spatialisation of the sound, the development in time and the mechanism of the double pendulums.

Red Horizon is a co- production of TodaysArt (the Hague) and Museum of Transitory Art (MoTA, Ljubljana).
With the kind support of Stroom Den Haag and Creative Industries Fund NL.

Software design: Marcus Graf
CAD design: Bram Vreven
Special thanks to: Willem Marijs, Erfan Abdi, Mischa Daams, Nicolo Merendino, Julien Grossmann, Chris Meighan

Photos: Marleen Sleeuwits / Maurice Tjon a Tham

Camera & Effects: Tanja Busking
Edit: Gabey Tjon a Tham

2023 – Light Art Museum, Budapest
2023 – Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs
2023 – Festival Interstice, Caen
2023 – De Warande, Kasterlee
2020 – Bierumer School, Bierum
2018 – Sensorium Festival, Bratislava
2018 – Nest, the Hague
2017 – Highlight, Delft
2017 – the Grey Space in the Middle, the Hague
2017 – Stereolux, Nantes
2017 – Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ, Amsterdam
2017 – Mirage Festival, Lyon
2016 – Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam
2014 – Sonica, Ljubljana
2014 – TodaysArt, the Hague