))))) repetition at my distance


A kinetic/light/sound installation based on a subjective interpretation of sound traveling through space.

The memory of wind passing through trees becomes tangible as a field of 16 rotating vertical blue lightwires that oscillate in spreading patterns. The wires behave like a living entity of individuals that respond to different forces.

Through time they develop situations that evoke strong associations with natural phenomena and show organic choreographies and gestures shifting back and forth between the natural and the robotic.

Its presence reconstructs architecture through a composition of light, movement, sound, and an absence of these. The piece suggests spaces via horizontal and vertical light flows, and through wind and whistle sonic elements derived from noise and sinewaves. The flickering of light produces after-images on the retina that become an integral part of the experience, as they blend with the light produced by the installation.

Special thanks to: Lex van den Broek, Marcus Graf, Nenad Popov, Joris Strijbos, Robert Pravda, Horst Rickels
Photos: Maurice Tjon a Tham

2023 – Blooming Festival, Pergola
2019 – Red Ger Creative Space, Ulaanbaatar
2018 – Tec Art, Rotterdam
2017 – Gogbot, Enschede
2017 – Stereolux, Nantes
2016 – KIKK Festival, Namur
2016 – De School, Amsterdam
2014 – TodaysArt JP, Tokyo
2014 – Voyage Fantastique, the Hague
2014 – Mapping Festival, Geneva
2014 – NCCA, Moscow
2013 – Steim, Amsterdam
2013 – Electrochoc, Bourgoin Jaillieu
2012 – Sonica, Ljubljana
2012 – GlowS, Eindhoven
2012 – Oddstream, Nijmegen
2012 – TodaysArt, the Hague
2012 – NiMK/FIBER, Amsterdam