is a generative virtual environment based on the urban space around Paradiso in Amsterdam that is influenced in real time by weather conditions and the day and night rhythms of physical reality. This environment is characterised as Amsterdam’s busiest square that is constantly in motion, where different players appear, interact, disappear and make way for others again. Within these urban dynamics, the work integrates the digital dimension that is an inseparable part of our daily lives in many visible and invisible ways. By showing elements that relate to how the computer perceives, draws and interweaves this virtual location with aspects of the physical environment, the work creates a possible new nature of which digital artefacts are a part.

The work was presented at the Small museum in 2024, a tiny museum that is housed in one of the announcement cabinets
on the facade of Paradiso.

Commissioned by Small Museum / Paradiso Amsterdam
Supported by Mondriaanfonds

Concept, development, 3D graphics – Gabey Tjon a Tham
3D graphics technical support, Unity 3D development – Neander Giljam (Katpatat)
3D graphics technical support – Rob Bothof

Curation – Rosa Cherim
Production – Sanne Lohof & Tom Lavrenenko
Videography – Bobbie Wagenaar / Sans Studio Amsterdam